So one blessing is, it's not that hard this time. Practice makes perfect I suppose. My daughter told me this morning that she is very sad about her dad, but at least we are together and we just need to stick it out, "like last time".
Sad when I think one of my motivations for trying again was that maybe it would be better for her if we sort out our marriage and she does not come from a broken home.  I think what I am putting her through now is even worse. It's been broken for a long time.
I have been looking for a place to stay. I really shot myself in the foot this time. My husband won't move from our house so there is no way I can go back there. I am currently staying with my sister, which funny enough is better than staying at home, with him.
I'm not sad this time, I just feel really stupid. I have  lost all hope and I am not sad about that. Hope keeps getting me into trouble. At least now I know nothing works. Every fibre in my being has now been convinced. I consider that a blessing. Finally, finally time to move on...