Being Rescued

My husband signed the divorce papers a day later. I was relieved. It was finally over. The anxiety of waiting, not knowing what reaction to expect. I know he doesn't understand, but I have to cut myself off from the past to move forward.

I went away this past weekend on a spiritual retreat. It was bliss. Fresh vegetarian food, water, green tea, sleep, hiking, yoga, Thai chi, meditation, more sleep, and more than anything - quiet. Did I mention it was bliss? I really needed it and I feel so great. It cleared my head and strengthened my spirit. I feel like I can do another mile.

I rescued a stray dog yesterday. Seems to be a problem with me. I'll upload a picture of him. The family named him Mollie. Sight for sore eyes. He is currently having his hair or carpet done in the doggy salon. I probably won't be able to recognise him!

My heart is light, life goes on.

The idea of time is a convention of thought and language, a social agreement. Here is the deeper truth: we have only this moment.