It's a rainy, overcast day in Gauteng. The traffic is starting to calm down to a trickle and it feels like driving through a ghost town to work each day. This is the only time of year I love being in Gauteng. Ample parking, you can cross a traffic light in on cycle, and you are on time when you leave 10 minutes late.

There's also the downside of the season. The shops hardly ever have enough of everything and in a province where anything is always available, having to drive to more then one store looking for fresh blueberries is an issue - although less traffic helps :-). I should plant a blueberry bush next year.

My mother left for her annual visit to my father in Malawi yesterday. I am babysitting her basset hound and two geriatric poodles. I have a small house and average lawn - five dogs tend to make things slightly cramped. Plus the constant marking of territory between the basset and Mollie, the hobo dog that recently joined my family, it's a bit to get used to. Plus the sleeping arrangements is a bit of a mess. Last night there was a huge thunderstorm and I ended up in between my 5 year old daughter, Softy the Corgi and Mollie. All shivering with fright. My insomnia was worsened by the poodles snoring and the basset's bad dream. I am tired today.

I had to bury one of my chickens yesterday. The basset likes playing with chickens, unfortunately he doesn't realise the chicken isn't playing along so much. R.I.P Kiepie. Kandas really misses you and so do I. I'm sorry I could not save you. Kandas has now taken to breeding for solice. I should probably take the eggs away. I don't have the heart, but I also don't have a rooster.

I only have 2 days left at work. This is really something to look forward to. A welcome break to regroup. I spent allot of time getting everyone perfect Christmas gifts this year, but find myself crying allot about the idea of spending Christmas alone with my daughter anyway. I should consider making the trip down to Bloemfontein. I suppose my mother is right. It's only Christmas. It never bothered me before, but this year was different. Silly I suppose...ho ho ho.

My daughter turned 5 on Monday. She is so proud of her age and can't wait to start loosing her baby teeth. She wakes up every morning convinced one of her teeth are loose. Don't wish to grow up my dear. Childhood is bliss, yours perhaps a little less of late. I love you and I am proud to be your mom.

I am home alone tonight. My daughter is sleeping over at her niece. I should really make it count for my soul. Today may just turn out to be an average fine day. I cannot wish for more.