A very late night

Yesterday turned out to be a very very long day.  I ended up working  until 12 at night. Thiings where made slightly worse by my daughter phoning in tears that I had to come fetch her from the sleep over. Obviously I couldn't, so I phoned my stbx husband to fetch her and stay with her at home until I got home. He ended up sleeping on the couch and we had coffee together this morning for the first time in months. It didn't feel normal.

He celebrrated 90 days sobriety last night. It still amazes me, but I am grateful on his behalf and for my daughters sake that he has gained some sanity and is working on living a semi normal  life. He is a good person and he deserves some happiness after all he has been through. If there was  some prize in sobriety for effert, he sure deserves it.

Only one day left at work and even though I am severely sleep deprivved I am excited. It's almost overr and then some R&R. I honestly can not wait!